Training Schedule

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Optional training opportunities are available for AirVision, AV-Trend, and the 8872 Data Logger. Options include:

  1. Host a training session at your site (one fixed cost), and with the enrollment of four additional trainees from your region you’ll get one free seat in the class.
  2. Regional Training at a Site Near You if you don’t have the room at your facility. Pay an affordable fee to attend training hosted by another site.
  3. Training at Agilaire Headquarters in Knoxville TN

The AirVision Training Covers the Following Topics:

  • General Information
  • Configuration
  • Communication
  • Logs
  • Data Editors
  • Reports
  • Additional Modules
  • Security

The 8872 Data Logger, AV-Trend Along with Serial and Modbus Digital Communications

Usually taught in conjunction with a software package, this training module explains how to configure digital interrogation of “Smart” analyzers for parametric, status, and operational data relative to the instrument.

Training Schedule and Dates at Agilaire

Oct. 10 & 11

Nov. 7 & 8
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Please note the following dates are subject to change and that the cut off date for signing up for a Knoxville class is on the Wednesday of the week prior to the week of the class.