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AgileWeb is a pre-built, easy to deploy web site  for public health notification.
Users can modify frame, style sheets, etc without affecting ability to receive updates later.
Download AgileWeb Brochure
Download this page with screen shots
AgileWeb(September 2016)
The first page offers the user a map view of the network, with latest AQI values/colors.
Can use a static map image, OpenMaps, Google Maps, or Bing Maps.
Mouse hover-over of any site provides responsible pollutant and concentration
AQI legend provided, and is clickable to lead to more detailed information about AQI levels.
Report Links
A set of “Web Favorites” for public users can be set at the bottom for easy one-click links to summary reports.
Site Groupings
A “climate zone” or regional filter (can be renamed) can be used to filter sites to a specific geographic area.
Site Details
If a user clicks on a site, they drill down to site-specific information:

  • History of AQI for the day
  • Site photo
  • Address
  • Monitored parameters
  • Forecast data (if entered)

Forecast data is entered via a form on the AirVision Client.
If you want to provide users the ability to dynamically generate reports (rather than use the fixed favorites), you can select which of the AirVision reports to provide to public users to via access control configuration.
Users can save data in text, HTML, PDF, RTF, image file formats, even generate AQS XML if permitted.
(The same function can be used to provide web-based reports for intranet users based on their login, so AgileWeb can serve both the public and intranet with browser-based reports).
Parameters can be filtered from historical reports in the web site via setting in Site/Parameter Editor (e.g., site temperature, analyzer diagnostics)

  • Microsoft IIS Server on Server 2008 R2 or 2012
  • .NET 3.5, 4.0 (and 4.5 starting in 2014)
  • IIS Server will need connection to AirVision database, or a mirrored copy of the database.
  • Mirroring could be provided through our Sync function, or a scheduled FTP push to a secondary AirVision server if the web site were externally hosted or couldn’t be linked to AirVision due to firewall restrictions.