Asset / Work Item Tracking – Introduction (Part 1)

/Asset / Work Item Tracking – Introduction (Part 1)
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Asset / Work Item Tracking – Introduction (Part 1)

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Asset Tracking & Work Task Tracking Module that can be added to AirVision.

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Work Flow has been added as an upgrade in this module.

This module tracks analyzers, dataloggers, major components, calibration equipment, etc within your system.

Any asset can be added to the system and create a history of the analyzer, sensor and instruments of sites.

This could be used for a flow calibration standard, calibrator, or communication modems as well.

Purchase dates, beginning service dates, serial numbers, retired dates, description, and other descriptors assist in the tracking.

Assets can be tracked when moved, retired, purchased, beginning service date, etc.

A series of reports are available.   You can generate reports on parameters for any which analyzers are used.

In the data editor, the work item editor and a lower level function for reviewing items and mark them as complete.   This allows levels

of control and security within this module.   A work item can be added and assigned to a technician with a ranked priority.

Scheduled maintenance can then be verified by a login of the technician.    Time of completion can be checked by lower level sign in.   And

administrative authority can set scheduled work items.   Notification of new assignments within the system and overdue assignments can be sent to

technicians and repeating work assignments can be established.

One module can handle both levels of these work items.